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  Hypoglicemiant, recommended in the natural treatment of non insulin dependent diabetes.
  Diabetisan is a blend of extracts of two peruvian medicinal plants: Pasuchaca (Geranium dielsianum Knuth.) and Cat’s Claw (Uncaria tomentosa (Willd) D.C.). Pasuchaca in known for its hypoglicemic effect and as a blood purifier. In vivo studies have shown that Pasuchaca is able to reduce blood sugar levels up to 30%, without showing any negative side effects. This effect seems to be related to the one induced by oral hypoglicemiants of the biguanidin type. Cat’s Claw has long been known for its anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating effects, among other beneficial properties, which have been proven in dozens of scientific studies around the world.

The combined effect of both plants is a very interesting hypoglicemic effect in humans. The results of a clinical study with glucose intolerant patients treated with this product have been very encouraging and they demonstrate that the results, that have been obtained in previous studies on Pasuchaca can be enhanced and applied to human beings, showing even other positive side effects like a moderate reduction in cholesterol levels.

Diabetes is one of the ailments with the fastest world wide growth rate in our times. Diabetisan is a natural product that can help millions of people get a better control on their hyperglicemia problems.

For detailed information on its effects, content, etc. please ask for our data sheet.

Bottle x 100 capsules x 100 mg


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